Traditional American Curriculum

Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS) is an accredited, American high school (9th – 12th grades) without boundaries.  FVHS is accessible by career or university bound students from all around the world.  An FVHS advisor can help you transfer credits that you have earned from your previous high school(s) and graduate months or years sooner than traditional international high schools programs.

Simply register now and let an enrollment advisor help you transfer credits and personalize a class schedule to meet your goals.

College/University Prep High School Diploma

The FVHS College/University Prep Program is designed for students who plan to attend a major college or university. It includes optimized course selections (core, elective and languages courses) to assure acceptance into all major collegiate organizations including popular Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Independent Study and Recovery Classes

Interested in a class just to “get ahead”, prepare for an upcoming J1/F1 visit, fulfill a personal interest or need to make up a class you missed or failed previously? Select one or more classes from the complete FVHS curriculum including SAT/ACT Prep, core, elective or language courses and complete it based on your schedule needs. FVHS will assist you in transferring all completed credits to your current high school.  Contact an advisor if you have any questions.

Foreign Language Support

FVHS courses are delivered and completed in English.  However, FVHS realizes that our students are at various levels of proficiency in English.  To enhance the learning experience, we offer translation and “text to voice” support in the following languages.

Text Translation (English to): Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai & Vietnamese.

Text to Voice In:  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

International High School Alternative

Franklin Virtual High School presents our international families (and students) with an incredible American Education opportunity and value.  Students are using FVHS programs to prepare before going abroad or affordably extending their American education experience after returning home.  Many families are considering FVHS for language or college preparation course completion.  Other students are taking recovery classes or full diploma issuance programs all delivered to their home by a recognized American high school.  FVHS graduates are realizing rewarding futures by achieving acceptance at quality universities or receiving exciting employment offers worldwide.

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