FLC Agents have education solutions for EVERY student that enters their agency/office door.

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  • Academic Year Program Preparation (Pre-AYP)
  • ESL/English Language Enhancement (ELE)
  • University Readiness Preparation (ACT/SAT)
  • American High School Graduation Paths
  • American Middle School Programs
  • 225+ English Based Core/Elective Courses







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Some Great Facts About FVHS:

  • Acceptance – Fully recognized by all Major Colleges
  • 100% Online – Accessible from all devices including mobile.
  • Comprehensive – Complete solutions based on student need!
  • Translations – Lesson translation into over 17 languages.
  • Self-Paced – Enroll and attend on your schedule. 100% on-demand.
  • No Contracts – You can start, stop at any time – no obligation.
  • Curriculum – Aligned to US Common Core Curriculum standards.
  • Accreditation – Globally accepted, regionally accredited school.

Franklin Learning Centers (FLC) was established to offer English-based education programs to a growing global student population. Franklin Virtual Schools (FVS) was founded in 2009 and is a fully Accredited American school, offering hundreds of online courses, grades six through twelve, through its student management platform. All of its courses are delivered 100% online or via mobile applications and are available to students in over 50 countries.

FLC/FVS American education solutions are easily completed independently by students or as an integrated program at our partner schools in countries all over the world. FLC/FVS solutions include an AdvancEd/SACS accredited and state registered high school program, Franklin Virtual High School, providing over 300 compliant core and elective courses supported by hundreds of educators, tutors, support specialists. FLC/FVS also offers a full complement of English language learning (any age, any skill level), education travel and university preparation programs, American middle & high school curriculum, and remediation courses.

Why Franklin?

  • Learn English (at any age, and from any skill level)
    • Immersion@Anywhere Programs That Truly “WORK”
    • English as A Second Language (teacher supported)
    • English Language Enhancement (improve your abilities)
  • Complete and Earn Credit for English Based Courses (300+ offered)
    • Complete Any Course for Personal Benefit
    • Complete Courses for Credit Towards Graduation
  • Prepare for Education Travel Programs (before leaving your home)
    • Pre-Academic Year Program Preparation
    • University Program Preparation (ACT/SAT)
  • Graduate and Attend American Universities
    • 100% Online “@Anywhere”
    • Blended into FLC/FVS Partner Schools
  • Key Benefits
    • Completed 100% Online
    • Recognized and Affordable
    • Self-paced, all online
    • Language and ACT/SAT preparation

FLC/FVS presents our international families with an incredible American education opportunity and value. Students are using FLC/FVS programs to prepare before going abroad or affordably extending their American education experience after returning home. Many families are considering to learn or improve their English, students are using it to finish high school or prepare for college. Other students are taking recovery classes or full diploma issuance programs all delivered to their home or national school by a recognized American high school. FLC/FVS graduates are realizing rewarding futures by achieving acceptance at quality universities or receiving exciting employment offers worldwide.

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