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Welcome to Franklin Learning Centers!

Are you ready to learn English?  If you have been given your login information you are ready to get started now.   

Just follow the instructions below to download and install the program. After installation you can use the program while online or offline to the internet.

Note: You will need at least 1 GB of free disk storage for the program and the classes.

STEP 1:  FLC English Learning Application Installation

To download and install, click on the link below and save the file on your computer in a new or existing directory of your choice. The file is quite large and may take from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your internet speed. It is a compressed “.zip” file. After downloading, “Double Click” on the file to open and “unzip” it.




When the file is downloaded and “unzipped”, follow the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION  (See below). After the application is installed on your computer or mobile device, you will find an icon with our logo on your desktop.  Your next step is to just click that icon (one time or double click depending on the device you have). 


STEP 2:  Click (or double click) the FLC Icon.


Great job.  Now the fun begins.  The first activity in the application is to show us your current English skills.  To do this, simply find the line called “Placement Test” and let it guide you through the process.


STEP 3:  Find and Complete the FLC Placement Test


Now we are ready to start learning.  After your assessment, the recommended classes, based on your current skill level, will be selected.  If you are a part of an FLC partner school, you will have done most of this in the classroom and your teacher will have some initial instructions for you.  If you are working independently, check with your teacher or advisor for beginning classes.


Now get ready for a fun and engaging way to learn or improve your English reading, writing and speaking skills.


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Your team at Franklin Learning Centers







Here is a quick summary of what you will need to do: 

  1. Open the folder FLC_English_Language_Placement_Test_Package_GENERAL from the downloaded and unzipped installation file.
  2. Install the FLC ESL program. Just double click the 01 FLC_PROGRAM_Installer.exe program name. A blue “Student” icon will appear on the desktop when this portion of the installation has completed. The “Student” icon is used to login to the FLC English Language Placement Test.
  3.  Enable the Placement Test Courseware. 
    1. The Placement Test Courseware is contained in the “content” folder on the installation media.
    2. To install the Placement Test Courseware, double click the file named “02 FLC_CONTENT_Installer.cmd” on the installation media

With the installation complete, double click the new student icon on the desktop and sign in using your email and password. 

If you need help with the installation please send a message to your advisor or