English Language Enhancement

As international students apply for academic programs throughout North America (or Australia, and the UK), their actual English comprehension levels become a critical concern. Regardless of the English assessment test, they complete, all are based on a student’s ability to read, write and speak English. The ELE program prepares students to do just that. These courses ultimately help students improve test scores by enhancing academic English abilities. Through improving English comprehension and learning how to use the language in a natural manner, ELE students become well-rounded English speakers. Whether taking the TOEFL Jr., ELTiS, or one of the many English tests, ELE program graduates are armed with the academic language needed to score high on their English assessments and interact with other English speakers with confidence.

ELE READING - Enhance your English comprehension!

ELE will build on your current English skill set, regardless of where are start. This program is designed to enhance a student’s current English language abilities. Adaptive learning technologies can be used to adjust the English Language Enhancement courses as a student completes each lesson. This program will deliver a solution that focuses on each student need individually. ELE offers students an “immersion at home” alternative as they simply improve their skills or prepare for academic travel to any English speaking country.

ELE MATH - Improve your English with math!

ELE is about enhancing a student’s current English skill. Our international students are commonly very good math students, but are developing English speakers. This section of the ELE program focuses on improving English comprehension using an international subject like Math. ELE Math is a review of the basic Math principles typically taught prior to the start of High School. Each ELE Math course will support the lessons from accompanying ELE reading courses. This program delivers great value by exposing students to new English vocabulary, specific to American Math courses.

ELE CULTURE - Become immersed in culture!

The world is definately becoming a “smaller” place. Technology has created a culture with big dreams. Some dream of studying abroad. Others hope to enroll in a distance-learning program. Many simply want to interact with English speaking students or maybe take a holiday to the USA. ELE courses expose students to the daily life of an American student, providing their perspective as they attend an American school. Along with many cultural references, students experience learning techniques that are commonly used in American classrooms.

English Language Enhancement courses provide students with a set of academic skills that are necessary for their success prior their academic education travel experience. It will assist with the demands of High School today and offer preparation for a competitive University environment tomorrow. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in an American high school but it will also help them prepare for University entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Upon completion, ELE students WILL have a competitive advantage over their peers. If university enrollment is a future goal, this program should be a priority.
  • Experience English Listening Comprehension from Native English Speaking Instructors
  • Improve English Reading Comprehension (Functional, Informational, and Literary)
  • Prepare for American High School Math Classes
  • Enhance English Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation
  • Increase Academic Knowledge (Science, Social Studies, Literature, and Math)
  • Experience Online Learning Environments
  • Acquire English Skills for Standardized English Language Proficiency Tests (e.g. TOEFL Jr. and ELTiS)
  • Prepare for University Entrance Exams (ACT/SAT)

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