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Franklin Virtual High School was founded in 2009 with a simple purpose. The school offered American students an opportunity to earn their High School Diploma. The advantage FVHS brought was flexibility. Students could study from anywhere – work, home or school. They could take FVHS classes anytime – morning, afternoon and night. Most importantly, they earned credits towards a diploma. This opportunity was well received and the school quickly became a leader in domestic online education. As time passed, the FVHS demographic became more defined. It was apparent that American students had many more needs to fulfill. The school expanded and built on the foundation of educating students who needed a flexible education. However, the FVHS team was not satisfied. Offering a High School Diploma only solved a piece of the larger problem. Students were in need of a path to higher education and career opportunities. Franklin Virtual High School took charge of that demand and partnered with Colleges, Universities, and employers around the country. Since then, many services have been added. In 2013, Franklin Virtual High School set out on a new mission. FVHS wanted to change the way the world viewed American education. Since then, the school has set out to deliver their programs to students around the world.


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English As A Second Language

Language learning is an acquired skill much like learning to play a musical instrument. FLC provides a convenient, full featured, age and level appropriate “instrument” via its award winning English learning solution. FLC/FVS assesses current levels, dynamically builds a student-specific, goals-based path, then integrates live coaching/tutoring, and ensures acceleration through a global peer network for regular dialoging (practice). FLC/FVS students reach their targeted skill level in unprecedented timeframes.*

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English Learning Enhancement Program

The FLC English Language Enhancement with Math program provides mathematics instruction while also helping students increase their vocabulary and improve their comprehension.

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Traditional American Curriculum

This is a flexible program designed for college and university bopund students. A student can transfer International or American high school credits into FVHS and graduate form an American high school without leaving their country. Our curriculum is used by over 2,000,000 students in American schools and is supported by American teachers and student services.

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Independent Study

Interested in a class just to “get ahead”, prepare for an upcoming J1/F1 visit, fulfill a personal interest or need to make up a class you missed or failed previously? Select one or more classes from the complete FVHS curriculum including SAT/ACT Prep, core, elective or language courses and complete it based on your schedule needs.

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Credit Recovery

The FVHS High School curriculum satisfies diploma requirements for both career-bound and college-bound students. Core classes are aligned with U.S. Common Core Standards.

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Academic Year Abroad Preparation

An Academic Year Abroad is a serious commitment by our students and a serious cost for a family. FVHS has developed this program specifically to make sure students will get the most out of the time they spend abroad. Your goal is experience the culture and environment of the USA, not just spend time studying. This six to eight week program package will help you do just that so get started today!

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ACT/SAT Test Preparation

Franklin Virtual Schools offers full-featured, interactive test preparation programs to improve your results when you take your ACT® or SAT® college entrance exam. Each of our programs includes tools and methods that appeal to all learning styles.

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Blended Classroom

In a Blended Classroom Program, your office or school has access to all the FVHS staff and curriculum but utilize your classroom or office. In the program, the presentation or curriculum is facilitated by an on-site instructor. thus, students are supported by both of us.

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FLC Specialty Programs

Information coming soon.

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