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The FLC English Language Enhancement Program (ELE)

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Franklin Virtual High School’s English Language Enhancement Program works to improve a student’s academic English skills. Through engaging and interactive lessons, students participate in reading and math courses that prepare them for rigorous American education and English proficiency exams.

ELE courses also expose students to the daily life of an American, providing the perspective of a student attending an American school. Along with many cultural references, ELE students experience teaching and learning techniques that are commonly used in American classrooms.

ELE Benefits

Improve English Proficiency Test Scores – The ELE Program is designed to help students improve their scores on English language proficiency exams such as the IELTS, ELTiS. and TOEFL Jr. Students who complete all three modules of the program could see their scores increase by 30 points or more!

Language School Alternative – Language Schools can be very expensive. The ELE Program provides students with an affordable alternative to develop English skills in the comfort of their own homes (or anywhere they choose).

Exchange Program Preparation – The ELE Program can help students develop the English skills necessary to succeed in an American high school or college exchange program.

Completion Certificate – Students who complete the three-module program will receive an official certificate of completion.


Language Enhancement


As international students apply for academic programs throughout North America, the reality of needing to take English assessment tests becomes quite clear. Regardless of the particular test, they are all based on a student’s ability to read, write, and speak in English. The ELE program prepares students to do just that. These courses ultimately help students improve test scores by enhancing academic English abilities. Through improving English comprehension and learning how to use the language in a natural manner, the ELE program will help students become well-rounded English speakers. Whether taking the TOEFL Jr., ELTiS, IELTS, or one of the many other English tests, FLC students armed with the academic language enhancements from ELE should easily achieve better scores on their English assessments.
English Language Enhancement courses provide students with a set of skills that are both necessary for their academic success and useful throughout their American education experience. This program will assist with the demands of high school today and offer preparation for a competitive university environment tomorrow. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in an American high school, but it will also help them to prepare for university entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Upon completion of the program, ELE students WILL have a competitive advantage over their peers. If university enrollment is a future goal, this program should be a priority.

  • Practice and Improve English Listening Comprehension from Native English Speakers
  • Develop English Reading Comprehension (Functional, Informational, and Literary)
  • Enhance English Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation
  • Broaden Academic Knowledge (Science, Social Studies, Literature, and Math)
  • Gain Experience with Online Learning Environments
  • Prepare for and Increase Scores on Standardized English Language Proficiency Tests (e.g. TOEFL Jr., IELTS, and ELTiS)
  • English

    Language Enhancement


    The FLC English Language Enhancement (ELE) program provides mathematics instruction while also helping students increase their vocabulary and improve their reading and listening comprehension. The ELE Math courses include lessons involving everyday American activities like shopping and cooking, which expose students to concepts like measurement, currency, and culture in the United States.
    Math is not typically a student’s favorite subject. However, it was chosen to be included in the ELE program for one simple reason: the concepts taught in American math classes are similar to the math concepts taught around the world. This presents a great opportunity for ELE Math to review simple math lessons and enhance English skills such as reading, vocabulary, and listening comprehension at the same time. The concepts taught in ELE Math courses should already be familiar to students. In ELE Math classes, the education delivered is intended to improve academic English.

  • Engage in Interactive Lessons from Native English Speakers
  • Prepare for American High School Math Classes
  • Improve English Language Comprehension
  • Expand English Vocabulary
  • Acquire American Cultural Knowledge
  • Prepare for University Entrance Exams (e.g. ACT and SAT)

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