FLC/FVS Delivers Optimized English Language Learning Solutions

Language learning is an acquired skill much like learning to play a musical instrument. FLC provides a convenient, full featured, age and level appropriate “instrument” via its award winning English learning solution. FLC/FVS assesses current levels, dynamically builds a student-specific, goals-based path, then integrates live coaching/tutoring, and ensures acceleration through a global peer network for regular dialoging (practice). FLC/FVS students reach their targeted skill level in unprecedented timeframes.*

Simply stated, the FLC/FVS integrated (online/offline) English learning solution is unmatched in the industry. FLC/FVS students are not just preparing for a vacation in the USA, they are striving to master a language that will benefit them as they seek employment, higher education goals, and quality of life achievements. We hope to become your partner in your (or your child’s) quest for becoming bilingual in English.

*Historic student examples include “zero English skill level at program start to B2 proficiency levels” (B2 is equivalent to TOEFL iBT score of 80/90; IELTS band of 6.5) in as few as fourteen months; A1 to B2 proficiency level in just six months.

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Your Achieved English Capabilities – Finish in Half the Time of Other Programs

Feedback is critical to any student’s success. FLC/FVS makes this an integrated part of your journey. We are absolutely confident that our English Language Learning system will get you further, and faster, towards your English Language mastery goal than any other program…but we don’t stop there.

A simple test is not a way to truly demonstrate your language skill. Unlike other programs, our system validates your knowledge in multiple ways. Learn more about this unique process below to see exactly how this works. Then get started on your personalized path to rapidly achieve your desired level.

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FLC/FVS Delivers Optimized English Language Learning Solutions General Overview

Recursive Hierarchical Recognition

FLC/FVS offers an English language learning solution that matches the way the brain is programmed to search for, recognize, and employ language patterns. Learning in our program proceeds in a recursive fashion, using the brain’s hierachical memory structure in ways that program built around a linear program model cannot accomplish.

Dynamic & Interactive (Independent and Blended Models)

FLC/FVS delivers an individualized path for each student. Students can create their own pace or select to progress with a class (online or offline). They blended model combines classroom coaching, individual tutoring instruction, with individualized computer/mobile device practice. Detailed study reports help teachers/coaches follow, direct, and personalize learner progress. Extension activities provide teachers with lesson plans and classroom activities.

Age Appropriate Solutions for students from Pre-K to Professional

FLC/FVS programs are segmented to deliver an age (and skill level) appropriate experience to optimize results for all students. These ranges are K-6, middle school, high school, college/university, and career/business professional. Teacher/coach and tutor support are also optimized to ensure our students reach their goals in the shortest time possible.

Assessments/Testing/Level Certification

FLC/FVS features two levels of placement tests, (Kids & General). These are computer-adaptive, variable-length tests that place learners at the appropriate starting point within our courses. They provide a qick, reliable benchmark of student English language levels and correlate well with other standardized tests.

Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and sentence repetition tasks, DynEd’s Speaking Test quickly and automatically measures student oral proficienty without the need for expensive native speaker raters.

FLC/FVS Mastery tests, interspersed at regular intervals throughout our courses, are achievement tests designed to confirm student mastery of ocurse materials. These also help teachers manage their students’ progress to more advanced levels.

FLC/FVS features the DynEd certification program to give students the recognition they deserve, in a visible way. The certificate skill levels are aligned to the Common European Framework of Language Reference (CEFR) criteria. Our certificates are guaranteed and recognized based on years of extensive experience and industry feedback.

FLC/FVS Delivers Optimized English Language Learning Solutions for students of All Ages

Pre-School/Elementary School (K – 6th Grade)

FLC/FVS for Kids (Academic I Program) features a combination age, skill, and pace appropriate courses designed to engage new English learners. It builds proficiency in all four skill areas to promote English mastery and fluency. It’s innovative use of visuals and comprehensive exercises strengthen skills in ways other systems cannot achieve.

Courses Included Are: Let’s Go (Learn More); FLC Kids (Learn More); First English (Learn More)

Middle & High School (Secondary)

FLC/FVS for Teens (Academic II Program) leverages topics that kids already know in school, to build vocabulary and language common to their academic environment. From there, it develops the conceptual and structural language skills necessary for English Fluency.

Courses Included Are: First English; English for Success; Reading for Success; New Dynamic English; English By The Numbers; Advanced Listening; Dialogue.

College/University & Career/Business (Post-Secondary)

FLC/FVS Professional helps young adults and adults acquire English skills in an engaging, efficient, and efficient way so that they can use English with confidence in school and in their careers.

Courses Included: All Academic II Courses plus: Lost Secrets; functioning in Business

FLC/FVS Delivers Optimized English Language Learning Solutions for student circumstances

Pre-K through Early Elementary

The minds of young children are wired to absorb and learn language and literacy, so this is the best time to begin English instruction. Children ages 4-10 will be engaged and entertained by an animated cast of characters that guides them through the learning process, while a series of interactive lessons builds the English language skills needed for success in school. The learning sequence follows the natural learning path – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – which is scientifically proven to be the fastest and most effective means of language acquisition.

Late Elementary through High School

As children progress through middle and high school, skills in academic English become more and more essential. Students ages 11-17 will gain English skills quickly and effectively, while they engage in curriculum that corresponds to what they are learning in other subject areas. Concepts, knowledge, and vocabulary in math, science, geography, history and more are explored through a dynamic series of interactive units, which automatically adapt to the student’s performance. This extensive, academic English preparation opens up a world of educational and career opportunities for every student.

Post-Secondary & Beyond

In order to be prepared for today’s highly competitive and challenging global economy, English fluency is critical. With a wide range of courses designed for ages 16 and up, FLC will guide students to develop the mastery and confidence in their English language skills to last a lifetime. By closely following their individualized study paths, students will be able to add the much sought-after skill – English fluency – to their Curriculum Vitae in half the time of traditional ESL programs.



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