Academic Year Abroad Preparation

Are you ready for your academic year abroad in the USA?  Franklin Virtual High School understands the challenges that you face.  To make sure you are prepared academically and culturally, we have created an exciting Academic Year Program Course package to make sure you will not struggle in a variety of ways.

Since our courses are available 100% online, you can complete these courses before you arrive for your Academic Year Abroad in the USA.  These courses are specifically designed to enable you to finish them quickly (in approximately 40 hours per course).  They are accessible (like all FVHS courses) from anywhere and at anytime, so you can prepare and practice in your space, at your pace.

An Academic Year Abroad is a serious commitment by our students and a serious cost for a family.  FVHS has developed this program specifically to make sure students will get the most out of the time they spend abroad.  Your goal is experience the culture and environment of the USA, not just spend time studying.   This six to eight week program package will help you do just that so get started today!

The FVHS Pre-AYP Course Package Includes:

Strategies for Academic Success

This course sets the student on a path to succeed, regardless of the academic subject area.  It presents strategies for motivation, study habits, and learning styles.  It encourages students to take control of their learning by exploring varying strategies for success.  Students will identify what works best for them individually.  Course lessons include important study skill techniques, such as strategies for taking high-quality notes, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, benefits of following a rubric, using visual aids, leveraging study groups, and reading techniques.

English Language Literacy and Comprehension Course

Literacy and Comprehension I is designed specifically to support the development of English Language strategic reading and writing skills. It is optimized for our International (English Learner) students. It’s a contemporary (modern) approach, that utilizes high-interest topics to motivate students and expose them to effective principles using diverse content area and real-world texts. You will engage in our technology-based interface that inspires and challenges students to gain knowledge and proficiency. You will study in these areas of the English Language to get you ready to succeed in your study abroad in the USA: summarizing, questioning, previewing and predicting, recognizing text structure, visualizing, making inferences, and monitoring understanding with metacognition. This course will improve your English Language fluency and vocabulary.

AYP Math (Pre-Algebra)

We know you have already taken this course and are even well beyond this level in math in your country. However, have you taken a math class where you had to “think” about what you are doing in another language? We want students attending an Academic Year Abroad to “think, eat, drink, even dream” in English to help make the most of your time here. This course re-visits principles in math that you should already have mastered, but in your own language. Taking this will help improve your ability to comprehend and complete all of your AYP courses during your time in the USA. So in this course, sit back and learn to “think” like an American student before you even arrive to being the school year.

Introduction to US History

US students begin taking American history courses very early in their lives. However, during your Academic Year Abroad year, you are expected to be at their level. That can create a real challenge to your success during your time here. This course is designed specifically to prepare you with key aspects of US History so that you will be able to keep pace with other students in your class. This course will keep students from spending long nights studying catch up lessons that other students have taken in prior years. FVHS wants AYP students to be ready to excel in all core subject areas. This course specifically introduces students to critical elements of US History. Course lessons include: Key pre & post colonization milestones, critical historical conflicts and growth periods, plus an overview of American government and current affairs.

Entrepreneurship I

America is known for encouraging free spirit and is argued to lead the world in entrepreneurism. FVHS wants to instill in its students what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to master the basics of planning and launching a successful business. This course teaches students interested in starting a money‐making business or creating a nonprofit to help others, to develop core skills needed to be successful. Some of these core skills include learning how to come up with new business ideas, how to attract investors, how to market a business, and how to manage expenses. Students will be inspired by stories from teen entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into reality, and students will have the opportunity to plan and execute their own business ideas. This course covers the role of entrepreneurship in society and how to pursue entrepreneurship as a career, an introduction to economic principles related to business and industry, and an exploration of the process of starting, organizing, and promoting a new business.

Marketing I

A key to success in your Academic Year Abroad is understanding how to think and act like students in your host country. In the USA, students learn early about how to promote (market) themselves in preparation for their future career. That is why we have selected this course on marketing as we are always marketing something in our daily lives (namely ourselves!). Pre-AYP students will learn the fundamentals of marketing using real‐world business examples that illustrate what it takes to market a product or service in today’s fast‐paced business environment. Students will learn about buyer behavior, marketing research principles, demand analysis, distribution, financing, pricing, and product management. In this course, students will begin developing a comprehensive marketing plan for a new business that will be completed in the second semester of the course. This course covers an introduction to economic basics, costs and profit, and different business types; techniques for managing money, personally and as a business, and taxes and credit; the basics of financing a business; how a business relates to society, locally and globally; how to identify a business opportunity; and techniques for planning, executing, and marketing a business to respond to that opportunity.

Foreign Language Support

FVHS courses are delivered and completed in English. However, FVHS realizes that our students are at various levels of proficiency in English. To enhance the learning experience, we offer translation and “text to voice” support in the following languages. Text Translation (English to): Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai & Vietnamese. Text to Voice in: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

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